Campsite & Accommodation

…you can go to festivals all over the world, but none will be quite as homely as Wychwood.


Our idyllic campsite sits beneath the Prestbury Hills, complete with areas for caravan, campervans and luxury camping options such as:

Facilities for campers include hot showers, a campsite shop, café, and a lock up to store any valuables.

Our campsite is located a short walk from the main arena and the site as a whole is very compact and easy to get around. We have lots of nice flat paths, which are ideal for wheelchairs and buggies. Setting up is also nice and easy, as we allow campers to drive on to the campsite to set up their tents before moving cars to our free car park.

When the weekend is over you can also drive back on to the campsite to pack away, so there's no need to carry heavy tents and camping gear any distance.

Campsite emergency number

For any campsite related emergencies during the festival weekend: Call 07960 163 350


Wychwood Festival is just one mile from Cheltenham town centre; easy to get to by taxi, bus or on foot, and there are a number of hotels near to the festival to suit all budgets and tastes.

For a selection of hotels in the Cheltenham area: please visit

Ellenborough Park Hotel logo

Our hotel partner with luxury accommodation and views over the Wychwood Festival site, is The Ellenborough Park Hotel.


Do you have questions about camping and the festival campsite? Please see the campsite section of our FAQs page.

Hearthworks Tipi available for Wychwood Festival.