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Love your tent

Love your tent logo painted onto canvas.

We are delighted to be teaming up with the waste campaign group Love Your Tent this year. Again we are striving to achieve a 10% reduction in campsite waste year on year. This follows the launch of their survey results which showed a shocking 60% of the respondents who camped admitted to previously discarding tents, with 36% unsure if their behaviour would ever change, and a further 35% said they would never change their behaviour. Despite this, 86% of those surveyed recognised that waste has an impact on the environment at festivals. Given over 6.5 million people last year attended a festival or live music event in the UK alone, the scale of camping waste and abandoned tents is enormous.

Love your tent logo.

Juliet Ross-Kelly, founder of Love Your Tent says The Love Your Tent campaign is now recognised in countries across the world as festivals adopt the brand to promote best practice to their audiences.

We have had a couple of years of great support from festivals so now we feel the time is right to push the message further which is why we want festival organisers to commit to a 10% reduction each year. A simple and easily achievable target that will make a vast improvement on the amount of waste going to landfill.

While the survey results showed some shocking statistics it’s still important to say that there are some festivals in the UK such as Wychwood and Shambala who don’t have a problem, showing it is possible to have a clean and green camping experience

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