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Campsite Information

Welcome to Wychwood. We have your safety at heart! In the interest of everyone's happiness, please respect your fellow campers in regard to noise. There are designated areas with noise curfews, please ask one of the stewards on arrival where these are.

Dos and Don'ts

Keep a minimum distance of 3 metres between all Tents except where parents/guardians may be in a large tent and young children who may be in a small tent – this also includes youth groups.

Site all live in vehicles in the area set aside for campervans/live in vehicles, on the edge of a roadway, or next to a firebreak. Only disabled persons will be allowed to have their vehicle/live in vehicles next to their tent in the designated disabled area.

Drive your car onto the edges of the campsite (weather permitting).

Unload your equipment as fast as you can to avoid any bottlenecks, and then drive your car back to the car park BEFORE setting up your camp.

Keep to the central walkways on the camping areas. Avoid trip hazards such as tent lines.

To help us minimise thefts, follow these simple tips:
  • Get to know those camping in your immediate area.
  • Report any suspicious activity to a steward's office.
  • Don't carry round more money then you need to, please use cashpoints in Festival Village.
  • Do not leave any valuables unattended in your tent.
  • Place valuables at night in your sleeping bag, beneath you, or better still, use our free locker service which you will find next to the campsite cafe.

    They will look after all your valuables including cash. They also run a phonecharging service for a nominal fee. We also have cashpoints in the village.

No open fires, candles, portable or charcoal BBQs or generators.

Gas Apparatus: Any canister or cylinder changing to be carried out only in the open air, away from any ignition sources. In the event of a suspected gas leak, evacuate the area, extinguish all surrounding naked lights and contact us on the emergency number. If using a primus stove or other apparatus do not over pressurise and always ensure the lid to the uid is put on immediately after use, before attempting to light the apparatus.

If cooking and windbreakers are in use, ensure there is at least 1⁄2 metre between the apparatus and windbreaker. Never leave any apparatus unattended. Portable bbqs must be raised from the ground to avoid damage to the grass.

Take all rubbish to a designated rubbish point where our teams can collect it.

In event of fire, evacuate tent and immediate area, raise alarm, calling emergency number 07960 163 530 before attempting to fight fire. Try to ‘drop’ the tent if safe to do so.

Only tackle a fire if safe to do so. It's your responsibility to summon assistance from the on site emergency services, no matter how small the incident is/even if it has been dealt with.