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Welcome to Wychwood – Campsite Information 2019

You are very important to us, so to help us help you, please read this information sheet about the campsite.

Follow signage to the campsite, no need to collect your wristbands first, just head straight to the campsite. Choose the area in which you’d like to stay e.g. Family, General, accessible etc. and follow signage and instructions from our stewards. Please drive carefully and adhere to 5mph speed limit. In all areas of the campsite, vehicles should give way to pedestrians.
Camping drop-off areas
The racecourse is very strict on where we can allow vehicles within the campsite. To accommodate this, we have made drop-off areas alongside the roads where you can stop and unload your equipment. Please don’t remove any of the markers or drive beyond these. As soon as you have unloaded, move your vehicle on to the car park to allow others to come in and unload. All vehicles MUST be removed to the car park (excluding designated spaces in the accessible campsite).
Vehicle access curfew
To ensure the campsite stays safe and peaceful overnight, there is no access for vehicles to drive into the camping areas between 10pm and 8am each night.
To make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time, we have a security team on site who will be patrolling throughout the weekend. Please report any suspicious activity or hazards to security or call into the Volunteer HQ tent. Keep an eye on your surrounding area and get to know your neighbours to help keep the campsite safe and secure. If you’d like to leave anything in a secure place, please visit the free locker service near to the showers, the team would love to see you. They also offer phone charging service for a nominal fee.
Make sure you place your waste in one of the campsite waste collection compounds. Our contractor will process all waste off site to ensure they reach the highest recycling rates possible. For chemical toilet disposal, please use one of the Elsan waste tanks which are located in live-in vehicle fields near to the toilets. There is also a white water hose at each tank for rinsing, DO NOT use the drinking water taps for flushing toilets.
Cooking on gas
You can use gas cooking appliances within the camping areas. Please do so safely. Any changing of gas canisters should be done in the open air (not inside your tent) and empty canisters should be stored or disposed of correctly, if you’re unsure on this or have any issues, speak to one of the stewards.
Pedestrian access
Pedestrians can access the camping areas anytime day or night. Please only use the main crossing point as we are not allowed to walk on any of the racetrack itself. This also applies to the jumps, so please make sure your children do not play on these as they are expensive to repair.
We do not allow
  • BBQ’s (solid fuel/charcoal/disposable)
  • Fires (either on the ground or in a fire pit or stove)
  • Portable generators
  • Excessive noise/sound systems
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Drones
Live-in vehicle areas
We have two designated live-in vehicle fields. Groups with a mixture of tents and live-in vehicles can be accommodated in these areas. Live-in vehicle areas are equipped with toilets, Elsan waste disposal tanks, wastewater hose and drinking water taps. All towing vehicles must be removed to the parking areas outside of the campsite. A Live-in vehicle ticket is required for each live-in vehicle.
General Camping
This area is for tents only (including trailer tents, although these will need to be pushed into position as towing vehicles aren’t allowed on the grass). This area is for non-family groups and individuals, although we still expect everyone to be considerate to their neighbours and not make noise in the evenings and overnight.
Family Camping
This area is for tents only (including trailer tents, although these may need to be pushed into position as towing vehicles aren’t allowed on the grass). Perfect for families as these areas are set further back from the roadways for your family’s safety. Please keep the noise down after 9pm so children can sleep.
Accessible Camping
This camping area is for anyone who has informed the festival that they have an accessibility requirement. We allow a mixture of live-in vehicles, tents and cars (towing vehicles), although you will need to place your car in a specified place.