Wychwood Festival

Cheltenham Racecourse,


Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions about The Wychwood Music Festival?

Please take a look at our FAQ which features some of our most common queries.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

If we still have tickets left, then they will be available on the day. Please check this website closer to the festival for updates regarding sales. Some tickets have sold out in previous years, so we advise our customers to buy in advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets on the day may be slightly more expensive

I want to see a particular act but can't get to the festival in the morning. Is there a discount on day tickets on the door if I can't attend the whole day?

No. We are sorry that you are unable to attend earlier and enjoy the whole festival experience. Only full price day tickets will be available for purchase on the door (subject to availability), which allow you to enjoy the programmed events until 3am.

Do I require a pass for my car?

No. We don't issue car passes, car parking is free and we have more than enough space for everyone.

I'm bringing a live-in vehicle – do I need separate pass for that?

We are not issuing live in vehicle passes for individuals. Instead you need to purchase a single Campervan/Live-In Vehicle pass which will cover everyone staying in the vehicle.

I've ordered my tickets but they haven't arrived yet. What should I do?

Almost all tickets are issued by email through our ticketing providers. You will need to print your tickets and bring them with you to the festival. Please check your spam or junk folders in case the email has landed there. If you have not received your tickets by May, please contact us. If you bought a ticket from an external agency you will need to contact them directly to deal with your enquiry.

I pay for my ticket by direct debit, when will I receive the ticket?

Assuming all of your payments have gone through successfully, you will receive your ticket by email within 10 days of your final payment in May. We will email you if there is a problem with your ticket.

Am I eligible for a concessionary ticket?

Concession rate is available for Students, ES40, 16-17 year olds, and the over 60s, plus those with disabilities booking Day Tickets only. You must be able to prove your status on site.

Do children under 5 require a ticket?

Children aged 4 and under are free at the festival, but you will need to order a £0 ticket through our ticketing page.

I live very close to the racecourse. Is there a resident's discount?

No. We do not currently offer a resident's discount on any of our tickets.

I bought my tickets early and now discover I can't come, can I get a refund?

We have a no refunds policy. Please see the terms and conditions on the ticket page for more information.

What time is the on site box office open from?

The on site box office will be open from on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t have a printer to print my e-tickets, is this a problem?

If you are able to print your ticket this will speed up the process when you arrive at the box office. If you aren’t able to print your ticket you can show it to us on a smart phone or bring your reference number and we can find you on the system.

How do I find out when a particular act is on?

We like people to attend for the whole day or weekend to get the full festival experience so we do not publish performance times before the festival. There will be programmes available and an information point to help with details, as well as timings listed outside each stage.

Most acts perform in 45 minute to 90 minute slots and the first acts are on stage at around and . The final act on the Main Stage finishes at as required by our licence. Entertainment elsewhere on the site continues until .

How can I apply to perform at Wychwood Festival?

Please apply via our online application form. We will get in touch with you, if we are in a position to offer you an opportunity to perform.

Do we need to book our camping location in advance?

We have a number of camping areas to cater for certain groups, including people with disabilities and those wishing to camp in quieter areas. We have plenty of space on the campsite so there is no need to book in advance, just speak to a steward on arrival for directions.

Can I park on the campsite?

Unfortunately, you are not able to park your car in the campsite. However, we do provide campsite drop-off areas for convenient unloading/loading. After unloading, you may park your vehicle in the main car park.

Are we allowed an awning on our campervan/caravan?

Yes, this is allowed.

We are camping, but our friends are coming in a caravan / campervan, can we camp in the same area?

We have separate areas for tents and live-in vehicles, but the areas border each other so it is possible to camp near to each other. Please ask the stewards about this on arrival and they can point you in the right direction.

We don’t have a campervan but would like to sleep in our van; can we buy a campervan ticket?

We only allow campervans, caravans or properly converted camping vehicles on to the campsite.

Please see also the important information on campsite unloading/loading.

I'm particularly interested in the workshops. Is there any additional cost to attend them?

The workshops at Wychwood are included in the ticket price, so there is no additional cost to take part in them. Most craft materials are provided free of charge to you and are sourced from the Gloucester Resource Centre who do wonderful work in Gloucestershire. A very small number of specialist craft workshops may ask for a minor contribution to materials.

When do the workshops start?

Workshops on Saturday and Sunday start at around 10am and run right into the evening. Sessions usually last for an hour, although the craft workshops run continuously from 12-4pm. There is a short programme of workshop sessions on Friday starting from around 5pm. It is always worth purchasing a programme (available at the festival) so you can be sure to catch everything you wish to attend.

In the evenings, the workshop areas host a whole range of entertainment until late.

What is the policy regarding food and drink at the festival?

You can't bring your own food and alcohol into the festival village. There are plenty of food stalls that cater for all tastes at reasonable prices and the bars stock a range of drinks. This policy does not apply to the campsite. You can eat and drink your own supplies on the campsite. We do appreciate that people with allergies or children may find that they need to bring some food and soft drinks or water with them into the Festival Village, but please restrict this to what is reasonable.

Please do not bring any glass bottles to the Festival site, including the campsite—glass items and their contents will be confiscated. This is to protect the safety of the people and horses who use the racecourse.

Are dogs allowed at the festival?

We can allow only guide dogs onto the festival site, including the campsite.

Can we leave early on Sunday if we want to?

Yes that’s no problem at all. You can easily access the campsite by car on the Sunday to pack away and drive off site. If you’re unsure please speak to the stewards.