Wychwood Festival

Cheltenham Racecourse,


Safety and Security

Gloucestershire Police have some excellent advice for staying safe at festivals on their website.

We will have plenty of cashpoints on site, so there is no need to carry lots of cash with you all weekend.

Consider what you are bringing to the festival and avoid bringing valuable items if possible. If you do have items which you want to keep safe, please use the on site lockup service. The free property lockup service allows festival goers to safely leave valuables, rucksacks, wallets, musical instruments, bicycles, etc.

You can also get your phone charged at the Lockup for a £1 fee. Bring your own charger if you can, though they will have a range of chargers available. The lockup is run by volunteers from Birmingham Friends of the Earth local group, who have been running lockups at Glastonbury for a couple of decades.

I had the great pleasure of coming to Wychwood for the first time with my family this weekend, and I wanted to write in and say well done for a most superbly organised festival!

The Lockup will be open 24 hours a day from 12 noon on the Friday until Monday at 10am, so you can leave and pick up your belongings at 3am when the lockups crew will be particularly delighted to see you! Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaign locally, nationally and regionally for a healthy planet and a good life for everyone on it. They run these lockups as a fundraiser – so donations are always gratefully received. Campaigns info is also available at the lockup.

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