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Headphone Disco

Big Top Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2016

Headphone Disco

Headphone Disco is the silent phenomenon which is rocking festivals and clubland from the UK to Uganda!

Wychwood Festival Headphone Disco clubbers gather for a photo.

Wychwood wouldn’t be Wychwood without this late night craziness, and once again The Headphone Disco will be running from 11pm to 3am on Friday and Saturdays nights and 11pm to 2am on Sunday night in our Big Top.

Unfamiliar with the concept? It works by taking a room full of clubbers, removing the soundsystem, arming said clubbers with a set of wireless headphones and having two separate DJ’s broadcast to them over two FM channels. At the same time. That’s right- 2 DJs playing two contrasting styles of music, side by side, on the same stage, at the same time, over two separate FM channels. Party-goers can switch between both DJs via a toggle switch on the side of their specially adapted wireless ‘disco muffs’!