Cheltenham Racecourse

A C Salter

Appearing: Saturday, Sunday 2017

A C Salter

Meet and greet A C Salter

“Elora's past lay hidden in a web of lies and half-truths. But now the web is unravelling, and as the world around her descends into chaos and destruction, Elora is about to embark on a terrifying journey of discovery…” Elora may be the only weapon Earth has to stand against evil… if she doesn't destroy the world first! When the darkness whispers her name – run!

If you love fantasy fiction and great adventures, don't miss the chance to meet A C Salter, talented author of the Daughter of Chaos trilogy. Hear him talk about his writing and find out more about Shadojak, sequel to Eversong, and the final instalment in the trilogy, Ethea, which is hot off the press! We guarantee you get some top tips to help with your own writing.