Cheltenham Racecourse

Catherine Barr and Steve Williams

Appearing: Saturday 2017

Catherine Barr and Steve Williams

Catherine Barr

After campaigning with Greenpeace for many years, Catherine trained as a journalist and became Editor at the Natural History Museum, writing summer exhibitions. Since moving to the Welsh borders, she has been working with her partner in their design studio and is now mother of two teenage girls. Inspired (and frustrated) by a gap in the market and a hole in the primary curriculum, she co-authored her first book: The Story of Life: a first book on evolution. Catherine is interested in writing non-fiction stories that spark questions and conversation. Her experience of becoming an author has been fascinating, all-consuming and joyfully collaborative.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is a biologist with a degree in Marine Biology and Applied Zoology from the University of Wales. His lifelong love of wildlife was further inspired by eight years at sea, after which he trained as a teacher, and now teaches science in a rural comprehensive school in Wales.

The Story of Space

This beautiful follow-up to The Story of Life brings to life the story of our universe for younger children. Travel back in time to the Big Bang, see galaxies and stars form, watch the birth of our planet and how life begins, join the first man on the moon, and wonder what mysteries are still waiting to be discovered.