Cheltenham Racecourse

Philip Ardagh

Appearing: Saturday 2017

Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh is an English children's author, well known for the Eddie Dickens series of books and his beard! He has written more than 100 books including adult fiction and children's non-fiction.

His Henry's House series and fabulous Grunts books are great bestsellers. He is here today to celebrate a completely new series written for the National Trust.

Philip is our BIGGEST festival favourite and we LOVE his events so much that he just might be awarded a special medal at his event. Shhh don't tell him!

Diary of John Drawbridge

John Drawbridge has moved to Widemoat Castle to learn to become a knight. And there is a LOT to learn…. How to charge with a lance on horseback without falling off. Why the spiral staircases always go up in a clockwise direction. How to defend the castle against invading parties. Why the plates served at banquets are made of stale bread (and why you shouldn't eat them). And much, MUCH more. So it's no wonder that John decides to keep a diary (even if it is only an imaginary one) of his time at the castle. Things REALLY liven up when the castle is attacked by an invading Welsh party - but can John foil their plot before it's too late?