Cheltenham Racecourse

Fleur Hitchcock

Appearing: Story Box, 2019

Fleur Hitchcock

Fabulous author Fleur Hitchcock's books delight audiences and readers everywhere. She loves appearing at literary festivals and is super-excited to be with us here at Wychwood.

Her books have been shortlisted for tons of literary prizes and Fleur has demonstrated her brilliant sense of humour and imagination in her Shrunk series, with hero Tom, a schoolboy with the power to shrink things. More recently, she's become famous for stories with plenty of intrigue, mystery and danger such as Dear Scarlett, Saving Sophia and Murder at Twilight.

Now, Fleur brings us Athan Wilde, a boy who dreams of flight. In her new novel The Boy who Flew, we're drawn into Athan's world set among steep rooftops and with slippery characters in a thrilling, murderous tale. This is such a brilliant exciting story and you really should not miss the chance to meet one of the best Wychwood authors introduce one of THE best books. See you there.