Cheltenham Racecourse

Foodie Heaven


Foodie Heaven

Some of the best food in Cheltenham is dished up at Wychwood Festival – from crispy, fluffy churros to herby yet tender chicken thighs. Here’s a selection to whet your appetites.

Nacho Problem

Ever thought about combining your favourite crispy savoury snack with sugary goodness? Nacho Problem’s chocolate and salted caramel sweet nachos do just that; or go classically spicy with homemade pickled onions and fiery jalapeños!


Sri Lankan cuisine came number one on BBC Good Food’s 15 Food Trends for 2019. So if you’re feeling trendy and want to spice up your life, try beautifully authentic Sri Lankan curry, cooked traditionally in clay pots, infused with the finest, freshest spices all the way from Sri Lanka itself.


Bringing a French flavour to Wychwood, this family-run mobile crêpe company serve outstanding fresh delicacies to delight. Go sweet with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange topping or savoury with Mature South Devon Cheddar with Piri Piri Chicken. Truly incrêpeable.

Los Amigos

We need to Taco bout Los Amigos and how they are so specTACOlar! Sorry, we’ll stop. It’s really Nacho problem. DAMMIT! Seriously though, you can’t miss this MEXillent trader, especially if you’re feeling particularly spicy!

Posh Burger Co

What is a festival without a burger? These burgers are true classics. Juicy char-crusted patties, flavourful cheddar cheese melting over the sides, along with bacon topped off with a slightly sweet and glistening bakery bun. From the first bite, the juices will be flowing. The luscious patty is definitely the chief here – just the right amount of salt, pepper, and seasoning that does not drown out the rest of the elements.

Tandoori Naan Hut

Wanna know how many Indian food jokes we know? Absolutely Naan! But we do know that Tandoori Naan Hut creates traditional Indian dishes with exciting flavours and ingredients all wrapped into one Naan. Their approach to cooking is simple and enticing with the use of earthy spices, fresh herbs and blends that are synonymous with India. So keep calm and curry on.

Panda Noodle House

Have you seen Kung Fu Panda? We’re as obsessed with Panda Noodle House as Po is with dumplings. Panda Noodles has everything from beautiful crispy duck to succulent lamb. So wok right into this delicious noodle bar and you won't be disappointed.


Pandemania believe the secret to making good wood-fired pizza is making loads of it to share. There are no secret proving temperatures, special flours or incantations. Our personal favourite is the Britainese Spears, and yes it is because of the pun, but also because of how tasty it is; including fresh asparagus, garlic fried courgette, brie and mozzarella.

Rigatoni's Pasta

Rigatonis is a high energy, imaginative traveling food delight aimed at offering exceptional authentic Italian dishes with a distinct focus on taste!

Traditional food with recipes handed down through generations with the aim of becoming most loved vendor no festival could be without!

Fish and Chip Shed

Cod almighty, have you tasted the food at the Fish and Chip Shed? You’ll be absolutely hooked! Serving the nation’s favourite dish as well as other chippy classics, this is a place you won’t want to stop carping on about.

Crumpet Mad!

We’re not ones to blow our own crumpets but here are 4 pretty cool things you should know about these tasty breakfast breads:

  • People who eat a lot of crumpets have more friends than those who prefer kale
  • Crumpets, surprisingly, don’t make very good sponges
  • People who eat crumpets have way more fun
  • Winston Churchill was apparently partial to a crumpet with his brandy.

So kick back, with crumpet in hand, and think about how you won the war of just getting your kids through the door this morning all in one piece!

Carnival Coffee

Barista style coffee, freshly baked patisseries, porridge with fruit toppings and a new sweet pancake range – so that’s breakfast covered!

Enjoy your coffee Wychwood Style, drinking it down with quality music and entertainment. You’ll be singing Bob Dylan's “One More Cup of Coffee” all weekend long!

The Tea Stop

The Tea Stop features in one of our previous attendee’s fondest memories of Wychwood: Playing Samba music in the sunshine, taking tea and cake upstairs on the bus and ending the day watching the sunset and singing until I was hoarse with The Levellers. Perfect. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a full on party at the silent disco or chilling out at the top of their bus, there is always time for a Tea Stop.