Cheltenham Racecourse

Angie Mack’s Hula Hoop Show

Family Theatre, Sunday 2022

Angie Mack’s Hula Hoop Show

From death defying stunt hooping to the straight out weird and wonderful world of mini hoop madness, the dazzling glitz of circus hula hoops and the jaw dropping giant 6ft hoop leading all the way up to the multi hooping, confetti exploding, human tower of uncertainty!

Angie Macks hooptastic, interactive comedy show is jam packed with highly skilled hula hoop tricks, iconic music and a whole lot of heart.

Hailing from a community circus background in Australia Angie Mack came to the UK with 5 hula hoops and a backpack almost 2 decades ago. Now settled in lovely Bristol she has spent her years travelling the UK, Europe and the Middle East performing shows on the street, television, music videos, intimate parties, massive venues, weddings and festivals.