Cheltenham Racecourse

Basil Brush

Dave’s Stage (Main Stage), Saturday 2022

Basil Brush

Basil Brush is a star with an outstanding ability to make people of all ages laugh and smile. He’s cheeky, irreverent, charming, naughty, quick-witted, scheming and foxy, but at the same time he’s kind, caring and affectionate.

Basil has celebrated many years in entertainment and has been a part of our lives, having appeared in countless television shows, His own BBC The Basil Brush Show turned 50 in June 2018. He is a celebrity in high demand and often shows up in the most unexpected places. Recent television appearances include The One Show, The Weakest Link (which he won!), The Last Leg, Through the Keyhole, Blue Peter, The New Generation Game, Crackerjack and many many more.

Come and enjoy Basil's anarchic sense of fun, his groan-worthy jokes and his catchphrase:

Boom, boom!