Cheltenham Racecourse

L J Pheonix

Garden Stage, Saturday 2022

L J Pheonix

L J Pheonix is a singer and songwriter from Aylesbury. Born in the '90s this kid caught the tail end of life before the internet. His childhood dream was to sing onstage like Michael Jackson and fly like Michael Jordan. Starting out as a guitarist in bands, LJ's Vocal talents are a very new discovery.

LJ's Dad was a drummer – he knew a lot of cool songs so I guess that's where he got the rhythm but vocals come from jamming at family get-togethers with his twin sister, grandad and dad. He was taught guitar in school too by Rai Scalia. Rai taught Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert. While learning guitar LJ loved Steve Vai too. His family members worked in the industry or had friends in the industry, so from a young age LJ met a lot of influence.

So being around so many musicians, including Marillion, with his mum knowing Fish pretty well, there were lots of cool stories there. But he saw a lot of bands from the side-lines live as a kid and it kinda showed music can get big in his little town. Guess it opened his ears and eyes to a world he wanted a part in and to own! So join LJ on this Rock and Roll Journe….