Cheltenham Racecourse

Chris Brooker

Garden Stage, Sunday 2023

Chris Brooker

We loved his set so much at last year's festival we’ve invited Chris back to look after the whole evening.

Very funny, very quick… On the spot humour.

A gifted performer, Chris Brooker has taken his unique mix of comedy and improvisation to stages all over the world. After a decade on the UK comedy circuit, Chris has forged a fine reputation for himself as a stand-up comedian and compère. His versatility has seen him play to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds, winning them over with his infectious enthusiasm, swift wit and immense likeability. Dubbed comedy's ginger Viking by a promoter, he really is a larger than life character.

One of comedy's heavy hitters, Chris Brooker's infectious energy and enthusiasm sweeps through a room like an irresistible force. Chris's combination of hilarious, original material and inspired improvisation means that you will never see the same routine twice. Immensely likeable, there's no doubting his ability to win over any crowd and drag them along for the ride.

The best act of the night, his quick wit silencing hecklers and getting plenty of laughs.