Cheltenham Racecourse

The Electric Swing Circus

Dave’s Stage (Main Stage), Sunday 2023

The Electric Swing Circus

Electric Swing Circus bring the 1920s to the 2020s with their innovative brand of escapist pop and electro swing. Expect soaring pop vocals, intricate jazz instrumentation and pulsing, danceable electronics which feel both 100 years in the making and completely fresh.

ESC have carved their own inimitable path over the last decade, garnering a reputation as UK festival heavyweights who broke through to the international scene, playing to huge audiences in over 20 countries. They instantly win crowds over wherever they go with their energetic performance and carefully crafted songwriting, designed to get people moving.

Their sound is huge, their energy is infectious and the show unique

Their 3rd album Pleasure Seekers was released in March 2022 and has taken their songwriting and recorded output to yet another level with expansive songs that transport you around the world and into space, through a window of relatable self-reflection.