Cheltenham Racecourse


Garden Stage, Sunday 2023


With an admirable passion for all things joyful and fun, Birmingham based ensemble Wurlitzer are set on lifting your mood.

As much a creative collective as an indie band, Wurlitzer have a flair for a unique melody and an infectious beat. Featuring as few as six and as many as ten members, Wurlitzer’s sure-fire indie floor fillers are certain to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future.

Wurlitzer offers a skip-full of sugary melodies and obscure lyrics that make the unimportant and mundane sacrosanct; they are well placed to fill your brain with earworms. Not scared to stray away from standard guitar based rock music; the band often incorporates a bunch of instruments in each song including glockenspiels, trumpets, flutes and stylophones amongst others.