Cheltenham Racecourse

Burlafreak and Ad-Lib Dance

City, 2024

Burlafreak and Ad-Lib Dance

Be part of the body positivity movement!

Burlafreak is a unique fusion of Pan-African dance (shoes off!) and Burlesque (clothes on!). Promoting body positivity, inclusivity and self confidence through dance. Combining the sensuality and elegance of Burlesque, with the fire and grace of Pan-African dance, this fusion improves stamina, dance technique and flexibilty. Burlafreak is taught with zero judgement, much respect and buckets of humour.

Ad-Lib Dance workshop – Open level Pan-African inspired dance workshop, guarenteed to get you moving. Simple, easy to follow, yet dynamic moves to invigorate the body and get your heart pumping, your booty shaking and your face smiling! All ages and abilities welcome.