Cheltenham Racecourse

The In-Here Brothers

Howlin’ Pete’s, Sunday 2024

The In-Here Brothers

The In-Here Brothers have been bringing their acoustic '90s dance, trance and pop covers to audiences up and down the country since 2016. Hailing from a living room in Derby and only armed with 2 acoustics, a loop pedal and awesome beards, these pair rip up the dance music rule book and throw it on to the dancefloor.

The band's high energy shows include two fifteen song medleys, and have been known to do 35 songs in as little as fifteen minutes! With passion and flair these two bearded wonders take you back to a time of glow sticks, tie dye and Now! Compilations. Fans not only sing along but they party like its 1999.

From small pub gigs, to clubs and raucous festival shows, the In-Here Brothers are fast gaining a reputation as THE acoustic party band. Opening shows for The Sugarhill Gang and DJ Format, showing that not only can they mix it with the big boys but they can entertain them as well.

Their unique blend of acoustic guitars and dance music is perfect for any festival, show or event and each set offers a different take on many forgotten classics.