Cheltenham Racecourse

#HereForCulture - Here for you!

We are delighted to announce that Wychwood Festival has been awarded a #CultureRecoveryFund grant, helping us to continue bringing fantastic music, literature, comedy and dance to the Prestbury Hills.

#HereForCulture - Here for you

We are a small team that in normal circumstances spends over £600,000 every year employing artists, site crew, stage crew, freelancers, sound and light techs, caterers, security, freelancers and many more, all these people hold specialists skills that take years to master. This grant will ensure that those jobs will not be lost.

Whilst we can’t be together now this money ensures that as soon as the world opens up, Wychwood will be there for you.

With Best wishes,

Graeme & The Wychwood Festival Team

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