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First Wychwood Club!

Curious about the Wychwood experience? Well don’t just take our word for it, we asked our followers, who joined us for the very first time last year, to share their photos and recount the unforgettable memories they made last summer.

First Wychwood Club – Laura and Emily
Laura and Emily – Wychwood 2023
Our first Wychwood and my little lady’s first ever gig, not only that but she got to see her absolute fav 😍. A day she will never forget!
First Wychwood Club – Emma Newson and family
Emma Newson – Wychwood 2023
Our first family festival last year, took our 3 kiddies and the grandparents, loved it so much ❤️
First Wychwood Club – Emilie Thomas
Emilie Thomas – Wychwood 2023
We had an amazing time at our first Wychwood last year! Everything was incredible, had the best family time 😊
First Wychwood Club – Georgina Cheshire
Georgina Cheshire – Wychwood 2023
We had such a lush time together (best double date ever haha!) and are defo hoping to be able to come back again this year for some more fun and boogieing in the sun 🕺
First Wychwood Club – Tina Elliott
Tina Elliott – Wychwood 2023
Mr Motivator sure knows how to motivate

Wychwood 2024 is just around the corner and there is something for everyone! Our biggest line-up yet, over 100 free workshops, sensational street food and side splitting comedy – we’ve also put in a good word for the Sun 🤞😉.

Get ready to make even more wonderful memories at Wychwood Festival 2024.

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