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Story Box – Love Stories?

Do you love stories, reading and books?

If so, Wychwood Festival's very own Children’s Literature Festival, Story Box, is the place to be! Come and meet the fabulous illustrators and authors who will fire your imagination with tall tales, fun facts, magical stories and pictures throughout the weekend.

In conjunction with our friends at Rossiter, this year we have an incredible line-up guaranteed to provide serenely sublime adventures for the imagination!

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Philip Ardagh to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Philip Ardagh
Wychwood favourite author extraordinaire Philip Ardagh will be cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of our Storybox marquee. Come and meet Philip and be ready to laugh your socks off, cheer loudly and celebrate stories, books and fun!!
Jo Cotterill and John Dougherty to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Jo Cotterill and John Dougherty
You will not want to miss our first event starring two of Wychwood's favourites authors Jo and John who will be celebrating their music, stories and poetry. with huge talent, boundless energy and just a touch of bonkersness. Together they are an amazing musical duo but you can also arrange to meet them individually for a chat about their award winning books. Thanks Jo and John for being such fun!
Lucy Rowland and David Litchfield to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Lucy Rowland and David Litchfield
We are so pleased to welcome hugely popular author Lucy and artist David who have come to sprinkle happiness throughout the festival today reading and illustrating from their marvellous new book. When a boy and his grandma plant a sunflower seed it grows and grows, But what happens when a storm arrives to blow it down? Come and find out and plant some sunflower seeds of your own with us today.
Julie Pike to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Julie Pike
Have you heard about the flamebirds that Ember wants to fly with? Did you know about the Flame Chasers who have glowing tail feathers that grant you a wish if you find one? No? Then it's your lucky day. Come and hear about this enchanting and exciting story of courage, adventure and friendship written by fabulous author Julie who needs your help today to invent a new fantastical, mythical beast. We guarantee you will love this story and event.
Smriti Halls & David Litchfield to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Smriti Halls & David Litchfield

Smriti's words and David's illustrations are perfect together!

Today they will be reading and drawing and sharing their messages with you. Come and be inspired, enjoy the uplifting words and pictures and remember “It's not as hard as it may seem, Peace lives in those who dare to dream, In those who hope and love and DO …Peace on earth is ME and YOU.”

Rachel Delahaye to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Rachel Delahaye
Some authors are just lovely people who write brilliant books and so let me introduce you to… Rachel Delahaye. Her latest story Electric Life is set in a truly dystopian world Estrella where no pain or sadness exists and where bored teenager, top gamer Alara sets off on a life threatening adventure to discover the truth about the world she lives in. This is an exciting page-turning, edgy read with amazing future tech ideas. Don't miss the opportunity to meet Rachel and ask her about her ideas, inspiration and her writing.


Gareth P Jones to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Gareth P Jones
Multi talented Gareth is no stranger to Wychwood and his events are always the best.. Come and wave your ears in the air, strut like a cat and boogie on down as he presents a selection of fabulous interactive songs and stories about a disco dancing gorilla (CinderGorilla), cat-walking cats (SnowyWhite) and a long eared rabbit (Rabunzel). If we are very good he might tell us about his other books too.
Duncan Beedie to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Duncan Beedie
Whilst Duncan writes lots of brilliant picture book characters it is the Heavy Metal Badger that we love here at Wychwood. It is so funny and adults and children will find themselves unable to control their rock n' roll giggles. It is all about celebrating identity and self expression as Badger searches for a band to join. It is fun and chaotic and a joy for music lovers of ALL ages.
Andy Seed to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Andy Seed
This event is perfect for readers who love books and animals and want to know EVERYTHING! Join Andy Seed as he gets everybody involved in an hilarious event so don't expect to just come and sit and listen. You may know that pandas are cute and pandas are clumsy but what else will you find out today? You may find out about the endangered black rhino, flying fox and cuban crocodile but we can guarantee you will be entertained and very surprised by tons of new facts and figures.
Christopher Edge to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Christopher Edge
The Black Hole Cinema Club is a new sensation in children's books or as the reviews say "A mind-bending, blockbuster thriller at the speed of light". Four friends who regularly meet at the cinema find themselves carried away on screen through different exciting genre of movie in a rollercoaster page-turning ride. No spoilers but Christopher has written the most knockout finale. You really must come and hear him talk about his inspiration, you will be blown away!
Tracey Corderoy & Steven Lenton to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Tracey Corderoy & Steven Lenton
Oh wow, come and celebrate ten paw-some years of everybody's favourite baking doggy duo Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam the fur-bulous crime-fighting doggy detectives on their latest adventure. There will be interactive storytelling, live illustration and fun as author Tracey and illustrator Steven bring the latest book in their series to life today.You would be barking mad to miss this!
Gabriel Dylan to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Gabriel Dylan
Join amazing author Gabriel, if you dare , for a taste of spooky fun and terror. His latest book in the Shiver Point series, A Tap at the Window is packed with chills and thrills. It involves an abandoned Darkraven farm, a gang of plucky adventurers and a very scary scarecrow.
Leonie Lord to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Leonie Lord
Leonie is a picture book author and illustrator extraordinaire. We have loved her stories each year and are just about to fall in love with baby monster Grotti who is lost deep in the woods. Knights have battles to fight and kingdoms to win but even they have time and love to give to the right cute person. Join in Leonie's interactive fun event today where we will all learn lots about the joy of friendship.
Teddy Bear Ladies to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Teddy Bear Ladies
We are excited that Julie and Amanda, aka the Teddy Bear Ladies from the very popular tv programme The Repair Shop are with us. Their brand new book Bartie Bristle is set in the heart of the Old Woods, in the magical world you would find in a special teddy bear shop. Bartie and his friends are about to become favourites with adult and children alike. and this stunning treasury will be a bestseller so you might like to come and meet Julie and Amanda who will sign and dedicate a copy to you. All bears are welcome!


Doodle Time with Anthony to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Doodle Time with Anthony

Super talented artist Anthony will be with us to show you how super talented YOU are at doodling, drawing and being creative.

With Anthony's help and wicked drawing tips you will be amazed and impressed with your own talent today. Doodle time is suitable for festival friends of all ages so come along and join in the fun!!! Pencils at the ready everybody.

Making Decorative Fans Workshop to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Making Decorative Fans Workshop with Chaz
Unlock your creativity and bring your imagination along to meet costume designer and maker Chaz. This morning she will be busy with fabrics and materials showing us how to make the most spectacular fans that you can use to keep cool and use at the Wychwood parade. Chaz is the best ever at helping festival folks to create wonderful work. You will definitely become a fan of hers… sorry, bad joke …but you will.
Sophy Henn to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Sophy Henn

Sophy is an author and illustrator extraordinaire who is bringing her new hilariously funny graphic novel series to Wychwood.

Welcome to Happy Hills, a place where anything can happen and always does! Meet Sophy's friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly characters along the way as she shares her fabulous stories. You would be crazy to miss this interactive event.

Bryony Pearce to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Bryony Pearce
We are really looking forward to this event with author Bryony as she shares top writing tips and her story secrets whilst introducing Hannah and the Gods of Olympus who have lost their memories and are having their objects of power stolen. Hannah and her friends have a mystery to solve and a thief to catch in this brilliant new book. You would be crazy not to come and join the intrigue and enjoy this special event.
Chloe Savage to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Chloe Savage
We are thrilled that newly award winner Chloe is here today with her magical story of Dr Morley's search for the elusive arctic jellyfish. Using all her specialist equipment and trained staff will she find what she is searching for? Or will it find her? Come and listen to this inspiring, beautiful story, and you can make a jellyfish of your own to take home too!
Philip Ardagh to appear at Wychwood Festival 2024
Philip Ardagh
Philip has performed at all of the Wychwood festivals since 2009, even by video during covid times …and he is back bigger and better for Wychwood 2004, even with a slightly smaller beard. He will be talking about a whole host of his books and giving tips so that you too – adult or child – can 'write funny' We love Philip and his events and guarantee that you will too.

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