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Ceilidh Liberation Front

The Village Hall, Friday 2018

Ceilidh Liberation Front

Join us for a stompin’ show-down led by the Ceilidh Liberation Front, London’s most radical and colourful ceilidh band. Subverting and converting the world with their energetic new ceilidh regime, they breathe vigour and vitality into the traditional ceilidh, whilst honouring its roots and traditions.

This small army of virtuoso musicians from the four corners of the land, are firmly rooted in the soils of Britain’s rich traditional music history, nurtured by years of playing, exploring, collaborating and innovating, and are now blossoming together in this fantastical formation. Combining music, dance, and a sprinkling of theatricals, this is ceilidh music as you’ve never heard (or seen) it before. Don’t forget your dancing shoes when you go down to the ceilidh.