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Steve Cole

Steve Cole

The very lovely Steve Cole is an incredibly versatile author who has been amazing readers with his fantastic Young Bond series for older readers. He's also very slightly but definitely crazy and his series of Astrosaurs and Cows-in-Action books are just hilarious, not to mention the Z-RexSlime Squad and Tripwire series.

And now Steve brings us a whole new kind of hero … Adventure Duck! Adventure Duck didn't ask for greatness. All he wanted was his nest on the duck pond and plenty of soggy bread to eat. But when a meteor gives him superpowers, he knows he must fly into battle and defeat the forces of evil. And evil is personified in Power Pug, a tiny arch-villain plotting to take over the world with his hypnotic stare and an army of hench-animals. Will Adventure Duck save the day? Come and find out and be prepared to laugh, shout and maybe even join in a song or two!!!