Wychwood Festival

Cheltenham Racecourse,



Main Stage, Friday 2019


Did you know that the celebrated band T’Pau is named after a Vulcan from the Star Trek TV series? Formed in 1986 around vocalist Carol Decker, their first hit came with Heart and Soul which reached a top 5 chart position both here and in the US. Next came their number 1 album Bridge of Spies with plenty more tracks making it in the UK singles charts. Two more albums followed and the band toured extensively before deciding to split in the early 1990s when Decker went on to pursue a solo career.

Now T’Pau are back – consisting of Decker with original guitarist Ronnie Rogers and a new line-up. Their 25th anniversary in 2013 saw them touring the UK and we can’t wait for them to grace the Wychwood stage.