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Workshops: City

Wychwood Festival workshops—dance

Workshops are a great way to learn to learn new dances and are good fun too! Learn a lively and expressive dance like Bhangra or just take pleasure in boosting physical and mental wellbeing through the movement of morning yoga.

City is action packed with world class dance for all the family helping gain a fun and richer experience of different cultures of rhythmic movement guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

An Introduction To The Arts Of Belly Dance

Come and join Carol in this introduction to Belly Dance. Learn the basics and find your inner Goddess. This will put you in good stead for learning a choreography in the other workshops. It will be a fun light hearted session for all ages.

Mirage & Syren Belly Dancers are based in Cheltenham and have taught and performed at many festivals through out the southwest. They offer different styles of Belly Dance to the every day women to express themselves in dance building confidence and self esteem.

Learn To Perform A Belly Dance Choreograph

Learn a traditional Belly Dance choreography with Carol and her team. You will be shimmying like a professional and can show off to your friends… better still bring them with you!

Alternative ‘Steam Punk’ Belly Dance

Join The Syren Alternative Belly Dancers and learn a choreography with a touch of “Steam Punk”

Morning Yoga

Yoga for Adults

We will stretch through all the body, easing out those “camping” backs! The session will be inclusive and safe for all, however much of a beginner or expert you are. The theme this year will be “living peacefully”.

Bring a mat or something to lie on (even if its only a bin bag and a towel!) Session leader Jane Rothery is a British Wheel Yoga tutor who has also studied Tibetan meditation. She believes that Yoga should be for everyone and that discovering it can make such a difference to life!

Wychwood Festival samba dance

Samba Dance

Learn some basic samba steps to great music and a short sequence to take part in the closing procession on Sunday. Selva teaches and performs in Stroud and around Gloucestershire and has led many carnivals, parades and workshops at festivals. She has a passion for Samba and loves dancing in processions!

Wychwood Festival Samba Drumming

Samba Drumming Taster with Olá Samba

Learn the rhythms of the Rio Carnival on authentic Brazilian instruments under expert tuition from David Walter of Olá Samba. There will be a range of instruments on offer and the whole group will be playing together as a band by the end! Recommended for 9+. No experience needed.

David Walter founded Olá Samba in 2011, bringing the music of Brazil to schools, businesses and the community. Check out their regular weekly classes in Cirencester and Cheltenham, plus performances from the bands at local events.

Samba Drumming with Olá Samba

Samba Drumming for Kids with Olá Samba

Let your little ones loose on authentic Brazilian Carnival instruments under expert tuition from David Walter of Olá Samba! Any age welcome with parental accompaniment for the youngest. Loud, energetic and fun!

Wychwood Festival Bhangra Tots

Bhangra Tots (Family dance & story)

Fly to India on an imaginary carpet and learn fun Bhangra Tots dance movements with Sohan Kailey aka Bhangra Man. Ideal for Tots and family groups. Jump on board the Bhangra train, meet & dance with Bhangra bunny & friends. Lots of fun and enjoyment along the way.

Sohan and Aruna are professional dance artists and have performed at a multitude of festivals throughout the UK. They bring the vibrant culture of Indian music and dance blended with Britishness appeal. Fun, enjoyable workshops for all to enjoy.

Wychwood Festival Bollywood Heat Dance

Bollywood Heat Dance

Learn the amazing vibrant & colourful dances from Indian Cinema. Bollywood Heat Dance from the streets of Mumbai. Dance like a Bollywood Star! Come along and enjoy all things Bollywood. Led by Aruna and Sohan Kailey. Suitable for all ages.

Pao Bhangra Folk Dance

Pao Bhangra Folk Dance

Pao Bhangra Folk Dance is from the Punjab state of India. Learn powerful Bhangra dance movements accompanied by roots Punjabi music. Bhangra an agricultural dance from is sweeping the world with its vibrant dance moves and pulsating beats! This adult workshop is not to be missed!

Wychwood Festival Break dance

Break Dance

Rob Stanley will demonstrate and tell you the story of breaking. It starts at the beginning with Top Rock, Middle (Go Downs getting to the floor & footwork) and the End (Freezes from standing, sitting, lying down to handstands). We will play some games such as crab tag, Bboy/Bgirl musical statues & just have some funky fun!

Wychwood Festival Swing dance

Swing Dance

Swing dancing started 90 years ago in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem NYC. It emerged along with the big bands of the era such as Glen Miller and Benny Goodman. The Dance has seen a huge rennaisence in the last 20 years or so and now we have our own big bands to dance to such as Ray Collins' and the Speakeasies.

This class, courtesy of Gloster Swing Dance, will show you the basics of this great fun partner dance. No experience needed, come and dance and have fun with us!

Charleston Dance

The world’s most famous and popular dance craze. Charleston started almost 100 years ago and it is still going strong. Whether you are new to dancing or experienced this fun class will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Shim Sham Dance

At the Savoy Ballroom, some Lindy hoppers did the ”Shim Sham“ as a group line dance. A bunch of dancers would just jump up and start doing the Shim Sham on the side of the ballroom and then everybody would join in.

In the mid-1980s the Shim Sham was re-introduced at New York Swing Dance Society dances. This version—The Frankie Manning version—of the Shim Sham has really caught on, and it's now done at swing dances all over the world.