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Workshops: Seaside

Experience the magic of the seaside but at Wychwood Festival! These workshops give you the chance to embark on a wonderful seaside adventure in which you will discover a variety of fun and enchanting collections of magic, puppets, bubbles, poetry, music and of course the Punch and Judy Show. Tailor-made activities to suit children of all ages and keeping the adults entertained too!

Mr. Wow

Mr. Wow

Wow! Pure clown's play. He loves anything that gives us “Wow”: Flying pigs, juggling pingpong balls with his mouth, bendiness, tiny bubbles, huge bubbles, the incredible biscuit race and more.

Warning: Audiences have complained of sore stomach syndrome during and after the show!

The Giant Balloon Show

The Giant Balloon Show

A family show featuring a very big balloon! The giant balloon show will have the audiences in stitches and in awe simultaneously. Expect feverous balloon sculptures, high energy comic performance and of course the all important giant balloon! Take everything you know about balloons, and twist that into an innovative theatrical experience.

Since 2008 Dizzy O’Dare have created a range of work for all ages from full-length outdoor circus shows to small intimate roam-about acts. Their bizarre and quirky style has led to the creation of many imaginative and original shows.

Gamba Samba Show

Gamba Samba Show

Amazing fun family show: hear world rhythms played on everything from djembe and samba drums through to dustbins and other household junk… all with a little dose of humour.

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Comedy Club 4 Kids

The perfect way to entertain the whole family.

Since 2005, the Comedy Club 4 Kids has been getting the best stand-ups and sketch acts from the international circuit to do their thing for an audience of children and their families… but without the rude bits! It's just like a normal comedy club, but it's on in the day, kids are allowed in, and thus there is a higher than usual chance of heckles like "why is that your face!?" We’re very pleased to welcome Comedy Club 4 Kids to this year’s family programme

Beacon Gospel Choir Performance

An uplifting set of songs bringing together the Beacon Gospel Choir and the Scratch Choir created over the weekend. In 2006, The Beacon Gospel Choir came together as a means of helping people to find their voices and to learn the joy of using them. It is the conviction of the founders of the Beacon Gospel Choir that everyone can sing.

The Beacon Gospel Choir is a community choir united by a love of big harmonies, community spirit and classic Gospel goodness.

Jeremy Farquar, The Twisted Butler

Farquar, butler to the rich and powerful, is ready to tell some tales. Truly unique. Breathtaking tricks. Whistle blowing wisdom. Farquar is a fool. Be brilliantly entertained. Come away changed.

Inspirational theatre

Epic Indian Adventure Puppet Show

A puppet show for all the family – in addition to telling the story of Rama and Sita from the Hindu epic The Ramayana, the show also explores issues around migration, diversity and identity. The audience are encouraged to question and explore. As both storytellers and qualified teachers they have drawn from both disciplines to inform their work. The shows are multi-sensory experiences using sound, smells, story, visual stimulation and questioning to excite the imagination.

Captain Barnacle, Pirate Pantomime

Captain Barnacle one man pirate pantomime with lashings of silliness, comedy and audience participation. Table top puppetry, pirate props, stunts and the sing-song at the end, all performed with piratitude! They’ve been to Wychwood for a number of years now and work with puppets, models and costume to play, learn and entertain.

Cabaret / Poetry Performance

A feisty feast of stand-up, hip hop, comedy and poetry is on offer this year from the Cheltenham Poetry Festival posse who include Jim Higo (punk poet, darkly funny social commentator), Claire Ferguson Walker (stand-up poet and singer), Miserable Malcolm (aka The Poet of Doom), JPDL (hip hop performer and spoken word performer), Chris Hemingway (singer song-writer and poet), KA Poetry (edgy spoken word performer ) plus stand-up poet Samantha Samms.

Cheltenham Poetry Festival is delighted to be bringing some of the most exciting names on the spoken word scene to Wychwood again this year!

Kids Songs

Jelly Babies kids songs will be presented by Toss Andrews.