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Workshops: Forest

Wychwood Festival workshops—crafts

For those of you that are good with your hands or wanting to rescue a creative soul then look no further than Forest! An amazing selection of creative workshops offering you the chance to learn contemporary creative craft. Make your own festival hat, discover the art from recycling, build your own time machine and more.

With over 15 workshops to choose from there is bound to be something to inspire all ages. So come and join us if you want to have some fun using your imagination.

Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaids and Mermen

We are going to be making some giant puppet Mer-people! This workshop is for everyone. A Mermaid and a Merman have got washed up in Cheltenham (they have made their way from the river Severn to Cheltenham) and its our job to help get them back to the sea. On their way to the festival they lost some of their scales so its our job to put them back together again ready for their voyage. We will be using glue, glitter, sequins and magic to put them back together again!

Brought to you by Spare Rooms Arts

Wychwood Festival Darn It! Workshops

Clay Pendants

Create unique pendants using clay and stamps, colourants, bits of greenery and lots more!

Brought to you by Kim Searle

Wychwood Festival BleepHaus


Play with a Theremin! Experience musical bananas! Build your own synthesiser! Get involved in an App Jam! Bleephaus is a chance for mad professors to experiment with our huge collection of music and noise making gadgets—make beautiful music or a terrible racket, the choice is yours!

Wychwood Festival Groovy Records

Groovy Records

Come and make a great festival souvenir from an old vinyl record at The Groovy Records Workshop. You can transform an old LP into a clock, mirror, photo frame or spinning top frame, using paints, a bike wheel, scrapers and glitter. We guarantee you will be delighted with the results. You even get an original record sleeve to take it home in. Please note, no decent records are harmed in this workshop!

Brought to you by Complete Wasters

Wychwood Festival Stinky Sock Puppet Workshop

Stinky Sock Puppet Workshop

New for Wychwood this year. Create your very own socket puppet from the materials provided and put on your very own puppet show.

Brought to you by Professor Collywobbles

Wychwood Festival Art/Craft TBC

Art/Craft TBC

With a different creative activity each day—based around Pop Art, Jackson Pollock and Picasso—Art Academy will help you create a canvas or T-Shirt with your own amazing artwork.

Brought to you by Art Academy Glos

Wychwood Festival Mosaics


Have fun with Mosaics using tiles, paper and recycled materials. Make a coaster, pencil holder or help us make a banner for the parade! Suitable for all ages.

Brought to you by Festival Team

Wychwood Festival Funky Pom Poms

Funky Pom Poms

We'll be making fun and funky giant pom poms out of all kinds of interesting materials and recycled bits and bobs.

Brought to you by Party Party

Willow Workshop

Willow Workshop

Come and make magic wands, dreamcatchers, willow snails, bird feeders and dragonflies. All are made from local sourced and Somerset willows between 15 and 30 mins and will be lovely in your home or garden. You can get hands on and learn some simple weaving techniques that are easy to pick up.

Brought to you by Salix Arts

Time Travelling Toby and the Apollo Moon Landing Workshop

Time Travelling Toby and The Battle Of Trafalgar

In this action packed workshop journey back to 1805 and find yourself helping the British Navy defeat the French and Spanish in an exciting adventure. Join childrens author, Graham Jones  for a reading from the book, an exciting visual presentation and a building session where you will build your very own time machine.

This is an event not to be missed and whilst the books are targeted at 4-8 year olds the event is suitable for all ages. Can’t wait!

Wychwood Festival TubeTastic


We know that you can make almost anything from a tube so we will see how many different things we can make from Rockets to Fairy Houses—this workshop will be completely Tubetastic.

Brought to you by Alex and Lura

Wychwood Festival Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Come and learn how to screen print! You can design and cut your own stencil and produce your own print on paper or a bag to take home!

Brought to you by Far Out Workshops

Woolly Warriors

Knitting etc.

The Woolly Warriors have been a favourite feature a Wychwood for the last few years—they do lots of creative crafts with wool.

Brought to you by Woolly Warriors

Pimp My Hat/Wellies

Sunday: Assisting people in adding embellishments to wellies and hats. Glamorise your festival gear and add more colour and sparkle to your festival world.

Brought to you by Pimp My

Junk Percussion Instruments

Saturday: Create and decorate your very own upcycled band with tin can drums, rag bound drum sticks, bottle top rattles, shakers, spoon clackers and more! Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Brought to you by Salaric Arts and Crafts


Sunday: Create folded friends, wish stars, funky hats, boxes and toys all out of paper using the ancient art of paper folding and other paper craft techniques. Projects cover a range of skill levels suitable for beginners and children.

Brought to you by Salaric Arts and Crafts

General Painting

Alongside the structured workshops there will be space to simply splash the colour and add to our festival gallery.

Brought to you by Ruth Hathway