Wychwood Festival

to Cheltenham Racecourse

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Workshops: Meadow

Wychwood Festival workshops—dressing up!

Remember your childhood days when you and your best friend attempted to talk through two tin cans attached to a string? Or when your children make beautiful music with your home cutlery? Well you can experience this all over again and more at Wychwood this summer if you take the opportunity to explore Meadow!

Meadow is an area of hands on activities, offering an amazing array of entertainment!

Wychwood Festival Face Painting

Face Painting

Ade the FacePainting Fairy will be returning to offer free facepainting each day

Ade has painted a smile on thousands of children’s faces and even appeared on Cbeebies whilst painting faces at Wychwood!

Brought to you by Ade The Facepainting Fairy

Wychwood Festival Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling

Come along and have a go at making your own crazy face! We want to make as many crazy faces on as we can! You can, of course, come along and make what ever you would like…. let you imagination run wild!

Brought to you by Far Out Workshops

Wychwood Festival Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities

Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities

Enter into the wonderful world of The Wardrobe where we will dress, entertain, serenade and photograph you. Inspired by Bohemian Victoriana we take our inspiration from the turn of the century and mix it up with the modern day! Experiencing it is believing it.

Brought to you by Wardrobe

Wychwood Festival Tassle Bunting Making

Tassle Bunting Making

Make tassel bunting and add it to the maypole.

Klare and the gang have been and adding colour to festivals for years: making all sorts of structures, running kids workshops and decorating with flags and bunting!

Brought to you by Klare England