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Artists and Makers

The Artists and Makers Area is one of the many delights at Wychwood Festival. An extremely talented group of artists showcase their work and demonstrate the skills and practices they have spent years perfecting. It’s a real hive of creativity and an insight into the artistic process.

There are workshops for you to explore your own artistic talents, so come and find inspiration surrounded by beautiful artwork. There’s plenty for the kids (of all ages!) to get stuck into and if you want to take your art more seriously there’s a tremendous wealth of experience and expertise on hand to help.

Our Artists and Makers from 2016

Kerry Tremlett print

Kerry Tremlett

Kerry is a Devon based printmaker who produces limited edition prints by hand on a Victorian Albion printing press using traditional techniques.

She works mainly in relief print, cutting lino using the reduction technique as well as multiple blocks to create a single image. Her work is detailed and stylised incorporating many layers. Kerry will demonstrate cutting lino and talk about the printmaking process.

Ed Org – The Forest Dryad

Ed Org

Ed is an artist, Shropshire-born, now based in Cheltenham, where he works from home producing pictures in pencil and watercolour depicting mostly English mythology and legends, that also have a Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau feel to them. He was also responsible for the original artwork for the Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin beer label designs.

The Urban Mermaid – Wildlife

The Urban Mermaid

Chyna de la Mer Is a ceramic sculptress based in Cirencester, specialising in nature and folklore, using earthenware/stoneware clay and sculpt entirely by hand in intricate detail. Her work is then glazed and fired in a kiln. Chyna will be completing a sculpture out of clay over the weekend.

Absolutely Clay – mugs

Absolutely Clay

Juliet loves working with clay. Her main interest is using the potter’s wheel. She will be bringing along some of her completed fired work to show you.

Juliet will also be bringing a potter’s wheel to the festival and demonstrating how to throw a basic pot on the wheel and will be offering you the opportunity to have a go.

Muggins Pottery – leggy cats

Muggins Pottery

Muggins Pottery is based in Leicestershire in England, twelve miles south of Nottingham and near the village of Cotes.

At Muggins we pride ourselves in making and supplying high quality pottery to our own individual and unique designs, something we've been doing for over 30 years. Everything unique, everything Made in England

We don't mass-produce our pottery—every item and every face that has ever been made at Muggins is hand-made and unique.

Lindsay Viner – leggy cats

Lindsay Viner

Lindsay teaches wet feltmaking workshops for adults and children. All of the fleece comes from the sheep on her family farm and she has had a hand in every stage of their life! Lindsay started making felt back in 2009 and soon bought her first drop spindle and learnt to spin my own yarn. She is obsessed with all things woolly!

Off-Cutz – recycled leather


Off-Cutz are the creations of Jac Thomas, who uses recycled leather and textiles to create amazing individual items.

With Belles On – hand weaving

With Belles On

With Belles On specialise in hand-weaving using a make-shift peg loom. Items such as bags are created by weaving around a block of wood, so have no seams.