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This website has been built to provide a more accessible website to people with disabilities. Following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 from the W3C World Wide Web Consortium the website HTML code and structure complies with the HTML5 (HTML/XHTML polyglot) web standard and has at least passed accessibility checks to WCAG 1.0 (Level AA).

Access keys.

Most browsers support jumping to specific link destinations by typing in predefined characters via the computer's keyboard or other character generating input device.

The following access keys are available for this site's content.
Access key:Destination:
1Wychwood Festival Home.
2Wychwood Festival information.
9Wychwood Festival contact details.
8Wychwood Festival Terms & Conditions
rDetails on our privacy policy.
0Website Accessibility Information.

Access controls for the most widely used browsers:

  • Chrome:
    On MS Windows, Alt + access key.
    On Mac OS X, Ctrl + Alt + access key.
  • Firefox:
    On MS Windows, Shift + Alt + access key.
    On Mac OS X, Ctrl + access key.
  • Internet Explorer:
    Alt + access key (which will place focus on the associated hyper-link) followed by the Enter key.
  • Opera:
    Shift + Esc (which will display list of available access keys) followed by acces key.
  • Safari:
    On MS Windows, Alt + access key.
    On Mac OS X, Ctrl + Alt + access key.