Cheltenham Racecourse


Gallery operation

When the Gallery first loads, it will present photo thumbnails. Select a thumbnail by tapping/clicking on it, or by pressing the Space, Enter or G key.

You may also navigate around the thumbnails using the keyboard cursor keys.

Photo collections:

To choose another photo collection, select the collection icon and choose from the list presented.

Photos may be scrolled by:

  • Swiping a finger (mobile devices)
  • Clicking and dragging a mouse
  • Using the on-screen controls (toggle controls appearance by tapping/clicking a photo)
  • Pressing keyboard cursor keys

View photos fullscreen:

Where supported by your browser, the Gallery can be viewed fullscreen by selecting the fullscreen icon or by pressing the F key.

Where fullscreen mode is not supported, rotate your mobile device to landscape orientation.

Get back to photo thumbnails by:

  • Selecting the Gallery grid icon
  • Double tapping/clicking on a photo
  • Pressing Space, Enter or the G key on your keyboard

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