Cheltenham Racecourse

Wychwood Ticket For Life Terms and Conditions

  • Wychwood’s Ticket for Life Scheme is intended to help customers budget for their Wychwood Festival tickets, paying a regular sum each month.

    While the customer stays on the scheme and doesn’t miss any payments, they are guaranteed the same price for 3 years from the point of signing up for their Wychwood Festival tickets, year on year, as they paid when entering the scheme in relation to their age and circumstance.

    For example: if your child was 8 when you joined the scheme and has now turned 10, then your child will move up to the 10-15 age ticket, and a ticket would need to be paid for at the price of a 10-15 age ticket, at the time you joined the scheme.

  • Your price is guaranteed for 3 years from the date you sign up to the Ticket For Life scheme, after this time Wychwood Festival reserves the right to increase the guaranteed ticket price. In the event of the price increasing Wychwood Festival will make contact with you to inform you of the price increase.
  • When the final instalment has been paid for that year, Wychwood Festival will issue the tickets to the customer electronically by email, during the 2 weeks prior to the festival's first day.
  • You can cancel your payments at any time. Payments accrued cannot be refunded but can be used towards payments of Wychwood Festival tickets in the future.
  • If you want to leave the scheme, please let us know. PLEASE NOTE we cannot stop your payments our end, you must stop them directly with your bank.
  • Please keep us informed if your circumstances change in relation to your ticket order, e.g. if your children move up from one age bracket to another. As the amount of your standing order payment will also need to change.
  • All changes to orders must be made more than one month before the festival. Any changes made within the final month will be charged at the same price as general sale tickets listed on the website.
  • Changes to bookings are not guaranteed and will only be possible depending on ticket availability.
  • Any unused tickets included in your booking will be non-refundable and cannot be rolled over to future festivals.

Please see also: Tribe Festivals Ltd Full Terms and Conditions.